Oink the Water Buffalo, Haslams Lane

Oink the Water Buffalo, Haslams Lane

Oink the Water Buffalo
Chilling on a Sunday at his home on Haslams Lane. To answer Emma’s question, he really is called Oink. He grew up with pigs, and maybe even considers himself one…albeit with giantism.
Darley Abbey, Derby
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Taken by Biff on Sunday 11th November 2007


9 Responses to “Oink the Water Buffalo, Haslams Lane”

  1. Oink now has a website, and there is an appeal for his safety.

  2. This is a great photo of Oink, captures his personality beautifully!

    Would you be willing to allow Mark to add it to Oink’s own website to help visitors there see how lovable he is?


  3. Biff, we’re desparate for photos of Oink for website and for national press, the photgrapher will be credited. Kindest Regards, Mark

  4. Reece HUtton Says:

    hi i hope oink get beater
    my sister say she loves oink and she said
    can you email her on reece.hutton@googlemail.com

  5. often go for a sunday stroll,down by the river and often take some carrots for oink,hes a friendly old chap,just hope they catch the brain dead idiots that do this sort of thing.

  6. and hope the old lad finds some peace

  7. such a lovely animal,why brain deads do this,ill never know,i been to see OINK lately he such a passive animal an friendly ill be keeping my eye on you OINK when im around there .

  8. timetravelopps Says:

    Apologies I’ve not been on this version of the site in a while. Feel free to use the picture wherever you like. (Credit: Richard Birkin)

    Love that guy.

    Many thanks


  9. I go to your website every once in a while and I just have to say that I like your template!

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