Soap Powder, Friar Gate Launderette

Soap Powder, Friargate Launderette

An old soap powder dispenser found in Friar Gate Launderette
Friar Gate, Derby
Click to see on the map

Taken by Jim on Friday 9th November 2007


7 Responses to “Soap Powder, Friar Gate Launderette”

  1. I love the way it’s been kept up on the wall, and cleaned, even though it’s not used anymore. It’s just a relic, in it’s context, but not in it’s time. That’s what turns function into beauty…


  2. Nigel Aspdin Says:

    Sorry……. but it should be Friar Gate !


  3. Ah, we talked about that while putting the thing together last night! I will correct it.

    Thanks Nigel!


  4. Nigel Aspdin Says:

    I did not mean you to alter the Friargate to Friar Gate, it is just that I enjoy being pedantic, and it has always been something that I was never quite sure of the answer. Now I am.

    A quick walk today from the launderette to St Weburgh’s and back showed 25 spellings as Friar Gate, and 6 as Friargate. Just one business managed to get it different on two signs for the same premises!

    Interesting, I did not realise Google Earth had updated our sat-pics to sometime in summer 2006, I would guess. It was only earlier this year they they deemed to give this side of Derby a decent high resolution scan, and even that was a photo taken back in 2001 or so.

  5. Thanks Nigel. Hope you enjoy the new pictures.


  6. Nigel,

    We’ll go with the majority vote and from now on refer to that wonderful part of town as Friar Gate. But we’ll also add a tag of ‘friargate’ as well!



  7. have you still got this soap dispenser

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